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TEM Showcased in the Financial Times Markets

Trinity Entertainment and Media CEO, Rebecca Cardozo, spoke to FT about the corporate structure, current projects and the vision for the future of the company.

TEM has been featured in the Company Announcements section of the FT Markets, this month. The article outlined the corporate structure and highlighted the depth of industry experience and knowledge on the leadership team, as well as the unique qualities that set TEM apart.

Our CEO, Rebecca Cardozo, has spoken about her background in the industry and the motivation behind her personal involvement in the company.

"My grandfather was an impresario who was very much involved in the cultural renaissance after the Second World War with the view to make music and the arts more accessible. That is a key inspiration for us - we want to make classical music much more accessible to a broader audience and not make it so elitist."

In turn, Fabio D'Andrea, Founder, discussed TEM's first release - the world's first-ever classical video album, 24.

"I took inspiration from contemporary pop artists like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, who have all made visual albums, and thought why not make this the first-ever classical visual album," he said. "I've been shooting music videos in the past myself and directing them, but I wanted to take it up a level and make every video into a standalone short film."

The full article can be read here: (LINK).


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