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'Something Left to Love' receives media praise and 1 million+ views

TEM partnered with Russell Tovey and Fabio D'Andrea to raise awareness for mental health, through a compelling music video that has captured the attention of world media.

Fabio D’Andrea’s music video, starring British actor Russell Tovey, depicts a deeply personal portrayal of an individual (Russell) struggling with the profound effects of fame. The short film provides a glimpse behind the red carpet facade, exploring challenging themes of isolation, anxiety and internal suffering. Although this film focuses on the experience of a celebrity, these are universal and relatable human struggles that are particularly relevant to today’s online world of social media.

Fabio’s film takes us on an intimate journey into the mind of Russell’s character, where he delves into his childhood psyche, connecting with his younger self which ultimately brings him strength and solace. Fabio’s long-term collaborator and choreographer Jerry Reeve worked closely alongside Russell to achieve this extraordinary performance.

The video was released in conjunction with UK Mental Health Awareness Week in May and has received significant media recognition and interest from The Evening Standard, The Telegraph, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, as well as dance and lifestyle magazines, The Wonderful World of Dance and Attitude.

The Evening Standard quoted Russell in their article:

“When the supremely talented composer and director Fabio D’Andrea and choreographer Jerry Reeve asked me to be in their short film, I couldn’t turn them down...Shining a light on this is especially important now.”

Online audiences have also praised Fabio and actor Russell Tovey for raising awareness on the subject of mental health, one YouTuber commenting:

“I applaud Russell Tovey for raising the issue of mental health, especially since it is his age bracket/gender that occupies the majority of suicides in the UK. Excellent work!”

Fabio’s video reached 1million views within 3 weeks and is available to watch now via YouTube (LINK).


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